Monday, August 20, 2018

Colorado Cannabis Culture in 2018

Colorado Cannabis Culture

Colorado cannabis culture, what it is like now. Well before the days of legal weed it was very hard to get any decent smoke. You would pay $45 for an 1/8th of shit weed drive all over town to get a sack and then have to share it with the due who sold it to you.

 Now that cannabis is legal we have it so good. It is a great feeling to be able to walk in a store and purchase weed and drive home no problem. We have been spoiled when it comes to recreational cannabis here in Colorado. I feel bad when I meet someone from out of state who is here to get some weed. They feel like it is a Christmas day with all the trimmings when they buy their weed.  

colorado cannabis

I have to check myself when I see this and remember the days of prohibition and how difficult it was to get a bag of weed. Hightimes and Herb all were in town to to make videos and write articles of the new freedoms we have. The first year was crazy as prices were high and supplies were scarce, now 5 years later you can get an ounce of schawg for $60.00! You can get an ounce of shatter for $200. The quality is so much better now then the old days, you get weed that actually gets you high. The selection is so great as well, so stores have a selection of 50 types of marijuana for you to buy.

The new types of products that are being developed are astounding, tampons, sex lotions, patches vaporizers and more are all being invented on a weekly basis it seems. Every time I go into a store I see something new. I am amazed at how the products are developing so fast and how they are packaged now. You all coming into Colorado have a better selection then you would in Amsterdam.

Packaging in the old days was a baggie if your lucky, I remember getting a quarter and the dude just put it in my hands and left.  These days now you have pretty glass jars, cardboard creations that would make a box designer blush can be found wrapping cannabis products. I bought an 1/8th the other day and it came in a etched glass jar that was in a boutique box.

One thing that I see is the corpratization of the cannabis industry, as a lot of the smaller shops have now been bought up and turned into chain dispensaries. Large chain retailers now are moving into a lot of the smaller towns as well. kicking out the mom and pop shops.

Colorado Cannabis Culture has changed quite a bit since legalization. Lets hope other places get to legalize cannabis too.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Denver 420 Fest is now the Colorado 420 Fest.

colorado 420 festival

Denver 420 Fest is now the Colorado 420 Fest.

We have moved out of Denver and to a new place in Colorado Springs. Denver has gotten a lot less pot friendly so we decided to have it at the Speak Easy Cannabis Event Center.

This event will be a lot smaller but we will have a lot of things for people to see as far as entertainment. The vendor pavilion will have around 20 booths for you to browse. There will be entertainment in the cannabis clubs for people to enjoy and that is also the place you can blaze out!!

Yep, this year you can consume at the event and not worry about a ticket, as long as your inside the event. We will have hot and ready glass dab rigs waiting for you to dab your own concentrates. There will probably be a vendor doing free dabs so be on the lookout.

Music will consist of rock, fusion funk, reggae punk, rap and hip hop. The line up will make almost anyone happy. There will also be guest speakers a few times during the event so check out the event schedule here.

Parking will be a bit of a chore, but we are anticipating a very small crowd so it should not be an issue. We will send out information closer to the event date to show you where to park.

Be sure to bring an ID because you have to be 21 or over to have fun at this 420 fest event. Also be sure to bring your own weed as there will be none there to buy. So roll a lot of joints and come on down to the Colorado 420 Fest in Colorado Springs, Colorado!!.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Laws

 Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Laws
Massachusetts Recreational Marijuana Laws

So Massachusetts has passed recreational marijuana laws and are the newest state to join the 420 friendly states of the Union. Sometime in 2018 you should start seeing Massachusetts recreational marijuana stores pop up for sales to adults. So we have a breakdown of Massachusetts recreational marijuana laws.

Massachusetts is a beautiful state with a long history of the U.S.'s past. Boston is the iconic city there and boasts a lot of thing you have to visit. From its great skiing and fall color drives in the western Berkshire Mountains, to the picturesque beaches of Cape Cod and vacation lovers islands of Martha's Vineyard and of course the wonderful city of Nantucket. There is many things to see there for the cannabis traveler.

So here is the short list of Massachusetts recreational marijuana laws.

  • This law permits the possession, use, distribution, and cultivation of marijuana in limited amounts by persons age 21 and older.
  • All recreational cannabis must be sold from authorized marijuana establishments.
  • Adults 21 years old can posses up to one ounce of marijuana outside of their home, possess up to ten ounces of marijuana inside the home.
  • Allow adults 21 or over to grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes and can give one ounce or less of marijuana to a person at least 21 years old without payment.

 This information is not intended or to be used for legal advice or fact.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016



Top 10 vaporizers. With any product we desire, we're sure to find improvements over time. Smoking has long since been the preferred and most popular way for cannabis patients. And even though a recent clinical study revealed smoking cannabis to be an effective method to provide relief from chronic neuropathic pain and improve sleep, opponents cite the dangers of smoking to discount any medicinal value. Today there are many choices available for patients opposed to smoking their medicine.
Using a vaporizer to ingest cannabis is becoming more popular amongst many patients. Many physicians recommend vaporizers to cannabis patients to avoid the harmful effects of smoking. Vaporizers heat the dried flowers without combusting the plant material to create a vapor that can be easily inhaled. There are many models with various options and prices available to suit every budget. Many patients prefer vaporization and report enhanced effects for both duration and pain relief.

Everyone knows about marijuana brownies, but the edibles of today are simply amazing. Traditional bake goods like, brownies, cookies and cakes are readily available at your local dispensary where you're also likely to find delicious candy bars, sodas, smoothies and ice cream. Not in the mood for sweets? Not a problem, how about a pizza or cook up your own dish using cannabutter or cannaoliveoil.

For patients that are unable to utilize edibles effectively, THC pills and capsules are now available at local dispensaries. THC infused tinctures taken sublingually or mixed with a soothing tea are gaining popularity with many elderly patients reluctant to smoking or vaporizing. Improved techniques for infusing cannabis into lotions and creams are providing relief for patients with chronic joint and muscle aches.

Cannabis patients have forever and a day been some of the most resourceful and ingenious individuals on the planet. There is no doubt a better, more improved vaporizer will become available. Just as there is no doubt new extraction methods and techniques will improve the THC content with new recipes for improved taste and flavor for our favorite edibles. Great news for the medical marijuana community, the best is yet to come!
420 friendly hotels

420 friendly hotels

420 tours

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Denver 420 Fest

Denver 420 Fest

Well it is almost that time of year and Denver is going to be initiated with stoners and cannabis enthusiasts from around the world. Denver 420 Fest is going to be a nice event to see. With the event being smaller then the rest it is a sought after ticket. you can meet personalities from the cannabis world, see some great vendors of cannabis art, food, clothes among a plethora of other things to see.
denver 420 fest

Learn the latest in growing techniques from the best, infused cooking classes in the booths too.

With music playing all day from the DJ's and local entertainment you can shake you butt or kick it in the lounge area. We will have public speakers all day to help inform and engage you about the latest in cannabis industry and news, entertainers on stage and roaming around the venue.

 Denver 420 fest is going to be a epic event!

 This is an indoor event so your nice and comfortable, if you want to toke you can jump on the 2 hour city 420 tour to do a short and stoney tour of Denver, seeing a grow and the narrated sights with return to the event.

Denver 420 fest is going to be a great event for all of the cannabis lovers of the world, get your tickets now.